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It is possible to instantiate Test Items?


It is possible to instantiate Test Items?

Hi, I have KeywordTest with some parameters.  And I want to run maybe 800 different  configuration for this test.  So I create a script that fetch the parameters from an XML file to call the test.  It work fine.  The problem is that I have only 1 test for that.  I want to be able to have 800 test results

I want to be able to add Test Items dynamically.


-1 Full test pass will instantiate the 800 Test items

-1 fast test pass will only sample 20 configuration

What is the best approach for that?

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We put large amounts of data in an Excel sheet and use DDT or DDL from there.  You can choose how many records that the loop sees, so I would either use one sheet with 800 and call the test twice, once with All Records and once with records 1 - 20, or if I wanted a different mix for the 20 records, I would make a separate sheet with just those particular records.

I'm not sure how the XML as data works, but couldn't you make a smaller one for the 20 records and just call the two separately?  Or do you need it to be a random number of choices out of the 800 every time?

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I accept the answer by accident, it's possible to remove it please? 🙂

The probleme with DDT is that it's only 1 test.  I need to create 800 unique test.  And I'm not sure I can use DDT since I need custom logic in my XML. 
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