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Is there any way to customize Aliases node structure?

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Is there any way to customize Aliases node structure?


One of the applications I am need to automate unfortunately is still using frames, so the main home page is made up of 3 frames (left, top, main).

This basically means that whenever I click a menu option, it loads the new content in to the 'main' frame of would is basically a home page.  The offshoot of this then means that whenever I map an object that is in that frame, it will always end up in my 'pageHome' node in the mapped object/Aliases.

I am hoping that there is some option that when on, allows me to create my own nodes in Aliases.  This is because the application under test is so huge, that the amount of mapped objects I will have under 'pageHome' node will be bonkers!

I know I can drag and drop objects in Aliases, but it would be great if I could create custom nodes like 'pageAdmin', 'pageAddUser', 'pageSearchUsers' underneath 'browser' in the Aliases pane and then drag objects in to these custom nodes so that I can organize them better.

Hopefully I am missing something, but it does not look like what I want is possible.  I am currently using v14.50.943.7 x64.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

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Each object in the Aliases tree corresponds to an object in the Mapped Object tree. So, to add a new Alias, you need to map your three objects as different ones (see Mapping Objects Manually). After this, you will have them in the Aliases tree, as well. And, you will be able to rename them as you wish. 


I hope this helps. 

Yuriy Peshekhonov
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Hi, thanks for the reply to my question.

I have taken a look in to what you said and it looks as though the customization that I was looking for, is only available for the non xpath and css selector option.

Is that correct in what I am thinking?

The project I am trying to get off the ground will definitely be setup to use xpath and css selectors.

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I managed to get this working fairly well.  I hadn't quite grasped manual mapping.

Now of course it is easy to map an object that for example surrounds a set of menus, and then I can rename that object to 'Menus', and then move all my top level menu items inside that to start building out a more user friendly mapping tree.

Thank you for your help.

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