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Is there a way to use differents windows users to run differents test projects in parallalel?

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Is there a way to use differents windows users to run differents test projects in parallalel?

Basically, my question is in the topic subject. I have my tests running in a jenkins instance. The tests are executing in a dedicated machine. I have now 4 projects that run in sequence. What I need to know is if there is a way to run some of theese projects in parallel using differents users of the same machine. We have 3 testexecute licenses. 




1. set up a CICD framework

2. set up a dedicated (admin) account for the CICD framework 

3. set up TestExecute on each of the agents/nodes

4. configure jobs to run in parallel

Justin Kim
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I think it not answer my question. What i want to know is if it's possible to use different windows users on the same machine to run tests in parallel. I have a jenkins pipeline that runs three tests in sequence and I have only one machine to run theese tests. What I'm thinking to do is to put each of theese tests to run in parallel in this machine, each one using a distinct user session. It's possible? There are someone that did something similar?




in that case, that is no possible, since testcomplete and testexecute are single threaded applications, so with one machine, only one parallel is possible (regardless of the # of user credentials you want to/ will  use)

Justin Kim



In addition to what was said by @hkim5 :

TestComplete emulates human end-user interaction with the tested application as close as possible. Considering this: is it possible for one human to open more than one session on the same machine and simultaneously work in these sessions? Likewise this is not possible on one machine with TestComplete as well.


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