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Is there a way to convert my project from Flex to Adobe Air? (Namemapping?)


Is there a way to convert my project from Flex to Adobe Air? (Namemapping?)

We have a current application that is using Flex and development is moving it to Adobe Air.


What I have noticed during the remediation phase is that the ALL of the Namemapping object have a slightly changed on some of the level.



Is there a tool to convert the Namemapping file?

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Unfortunately, as far as I am aware, there's no "out of the box" tool for doing so.

What you might be able to do is refactor your NameMapping to utilize the "Extended Find" feature so that you can possibly remove some of the "middle man" parts of the object tree and focus only on those components that you actually need for your tests.  This will take some work but I think this might be your best way forward.

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