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Is it possible to remove the EVAL from the script?

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Is it possible to remove the EVAL from the script?

Hi All,


Is there anyone who experience by removing the EVAL from the script in TEST Complete. If I remove it for example, what is the disadvantage or what is the effect of the script?


Thanks in advance for those who will reply.....

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Short answer: Yes, it's possible to remove calls to "eval" from a test script in TestComplete.  


Long answer: It depends a bit on what EXACTLY the script is that has an "eval" call in it as to whether or not you can remove it without having other problems.  "eval" is not a native TestComplete piece but is part of multiple script coding languages so it really comes down to what it is being used for to determine what impacts there are on the test scripts.


If you can post the method or section of code with the eval call, we can probably help you better determine a) what can be done to remove "eval" and b) what impact it will have on your test script.

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