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Is it possible to catch Testcomplete error (not script exception) ?

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Is it possible to catch Testcomplete error (not script exception) ?

Hello !

I use the last version of testComplete 12.5 on windows 10

I would like to know if is it possible to catch a testComplete error. Not a script exception, but an error thrown by a testComplete function  of an object like grid.clickCell . (error like "column is not visible)


My main objective is to know that an error has happened but i don't want a log error in the testLog.


Grid.clickCell(1,colonne index) -->Error testComplete--> OnLogError-->Error in the log--> the test is failed in the test log  : but for me it's not critical, I don't want  my test written failed for that.



I tried to use the onLogError event to catch it: it works but it's too late, a line is writen in the log.


If i do a log.enabled=false before the clickCell, the event OnLogError is not fired.

I tried log.lockEvent but without success, a log error is added.



(i've got a good reason for that, i have to deal with a devExpress WPF grid bug)


Thanks for your help,
























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In your OnLogError event handler, add the following line


LogParams.Locked = true;

This will suppress the logging of the error itself.  All other errors will log, but this one will simply just not log anymore.

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Thanks, it works!

I should have seen it in the help,I missed it sorry!

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