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Is it possible for a PowerShell script to read the .tclogx file (TestComplete's output file)


Is it possible for a PowerShell script to read the .tclogx file (TestComplete's output file)

I have multiple Jenkins jobs which trigger TestComplete test scripts which generates the .tclogx files. Each test have sub-tests within them. I'm working on consolidating the results of these tests in an excel sheet. 


Is it possible for a PowerShell script to read the .tclogx file (TestComplete's output file)? Or is there any other application which can do that?


My requirement is to read the TestComplete test script execution log after script completes. I need few details from the file's log statements and then I want to put those values in an excel file. Please provide your valuable suggestions.



If my testcomplete log contains below statements:

Validation1: PASS

Validation2: FAIL


Then I want to read this file and generate an excel report:

Test Scenario    Test Case        Status

1                         Validation1     PASS

1                         Validation2     FAIL

2                         Validation1     PASS

2                         Validation2     FAIL


Hi @nish_b - 


I dont believe that powershell would be able to read the  .tclogx file because this is specific to TestComplete. That being said - I would suggest exporting your results to a more generic format, the available option for TestComplete would be JUnit. 


Here is some information on how to save the test results to a specific format from a script:


Let me know if you have further questions. 







On further thought - you could also use the write to excel operation and skip a middle step all together, during your test you could write the values to the excel file so there would be no post processing required.




@nish_b Here are all the different formats that you can export a log to and examples of how to do it.  Hopefully one of this will be useful for you.

Thank you Emma and Marsha for your suggestions and responses. I will work on these ideas and come up with the best one suitable for my project's needs. If I have any further query, I will start another thread 🙂 

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Thanks for helping, everyone!


Hi @nish_b! Could you let us know which approach you used? 

Sonya Mihaljova
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