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Integrating TC tests into TFS Build Definitions


Integrating TC tests into TFS Build Definitions


   Ive managed to integrate TC tests into VS and get them to run when I queue a build in TFS. My question is has anyone built out an entire test automation framework in TC and have a suite of tests run when a build is deployed? How do the tests get distributed? If I have a Build Task that contains mutliple host machines to reduce the overall execution time for all of my scripts, how is the order of test execution determined? for example, some tests have pre req tests that must run and pass before they are ran, eg. data prep upstream. If there is a case study on how this is done or any help suggested is appreciated. 


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As far as I know, there is no way to "split" the solution between multiple machines - each machine will have the whole solution, otherwise, VS will fail to build this solution due to missing files. Given the entire solution folder gets copied on every machine, every machine contains the same set of tcTest items. Thus, the same set of TestComplete tests will be run on every machine.


If you observe a different situation, please share screenshots of the TFS workflow (what tasks are used to deploy and build the solution and run the tests).

Julia Bernikova
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Hi Julia  - 

    So if I understand this correctly, since the solution is copied to every computer in the "host pool" when a build is queued, then essentially every 'host' will execute every TC test. Hence, if we had 5 host machines, then all of our TC tests will run on every machine. In the end, hypothetically all TC tests will have been executed 5 times? Is this correct thinking?



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