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Infragistics object not recognised by TestComplete


Infragistics object not recognised by TestComplete


I am using TestComplete on an application which predominantly uses the Infragistics plugin.

I am encountering an issue with the Table Checkpoint whereby the application object which I want TestComplete to tablised is not recognised despite me mapping the object using the Object Mapping feature.

Some objects are recognised but not every object.

I think it has to do with the way the application under test inherits the Infragistics plugin.

Is there a way to get around this so TestComplete recognises all objects when using the Table checkpoint.


Checkpoints which I find currently not recognised include UltraTree and lists with child branches.


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This may be helpful

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Looking at the list suggests the Infragistics object is supported.

What I don't understand is to what extent if developers inherit the object class but then expands the object class and wraps it then will TestComplete still recognise it.

What I am finding is that the developers are saying they inherit from the UltraTree class, but somehow TestComplete is not recognising all the lower levels 'nodes' of the tree when using the Table checkpoint. It only recognise the top level rows and columns but not child rows and columns.

Still an issue despite me using the Object mapping feature.

I should add its the case where a table within a table then the inner table rows are not recognised.

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