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Inconsistent test case execution result


Inconsistent test case execution result

Hi All,


Three people are working in automation of one project. nearly 150 test cases has been automated.

We are trying to execute all test cases. every time different report is coming. In first execution some test cases are getting passed again if i run second time they are getting failed. 

How to slove this can anyone help me on this?


If i run in my system one result is coming and if i run in another system one report is coming.

Checked namemapping file everything is correct. Till now we didn't get all test cases passed result.

Can anyone help me to get consistent result.

Thanks in Advance

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We'll need more details.  Can you screenshot the test where the problem is happening?  Perhaps give us some of the NameMapping around what's happening?  We've given you the general information about what needs fixed but, if you need additional help, we'll need more details.

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What does "running in bulk" mean? Does it mean that a set of tests which, when run by themselves, will fail when run as part of the TestItems collection of the project? 


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