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Impossible to distinguish two report section

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Impossible to distinguish two report section

Hy everyone,


I have a problem with the correct detect of my report section, in particular, I must test that a single method has a single page and that an andvanced report has 2 or more pages, but when I use Object Spy to detect the report I noted that Test Complete seen my report as a unique block also if is composed by 2 or 3 pages.

Not is possibile select nothing of the elements of the report (text, page etc). In attached there is a screenshoot of the report e then of the selection (in red) detected by Object Spy.

Moreover I attach also the properties related to the 2 different reports.

How can I resolve?

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From the screenshots you provided, the report container is written in C++ using the MFC framework from Microsoft.  The report itself is a frame inside of the container so by default you don't get to see the objects in the report itself.

Try to turn on MSAA in TestComplete and you will probably have a better luck getting to the objects inside the report itself.




How can I try to turn on MSAA in TestComplete? I attach the project properties that I now using.

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