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Image Check Point validation

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Image Check Point validation

Hi All,

I need your help. Currently, I am testing the drawings generated from AutoCAD application and I am comparing these images with the previous versions. 

I am using the image checkpoint for comparisons and kept default values of Pixel tolerance to 0.0 and color tolerance as 0.0. I want testComplete to pass the image validation even though the sequence of line numbers in my image is changed. Please find the screenshot and guide me how can we perform this validation.

Your help is highly appreciated.


Best regards,


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Hi @as46zuny 


TC has the ability to do image comparisons on only part of the image - or to exclude some parts of the image from the comparison Comparison masks may be something you could consider

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the sequence of line numbers in my image is changed.

Effectively, this means that image is different.

Screenshots that you provided are too different to be compared as images.


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As @RUDOLF_BOTHMA mentions, there are image comparisons that allow you to create a mask to tell the comparison to "ignore" certain parts of the image in that comparison.


However... looking at your two images...  it's not just the line numbers that changed... the ordering of the contents changed as well... basically, you have two completely different images.  Masking is just going to completely do away with any usefulness in the validation.

Is there a reason why you're using image comparison and not examinng properties of the object?  Is any of the text exposed in some object property that you can validate against?  It seems that would be the better way than depending on images that are going to change so frequently.

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Thanks for the help, guys!

@as46zuny, did you find the solution to the issue? Please share it with us.

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