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If Object using ImageRepository.

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If Object using ImageRepository.

Hello, Can I use the ImageSet on the If Object Operation? 

I Saved the Image using Image based Action Operation, and then Image automatically saved Repository. 

I wanna use that(Image Based Action's ImageSet) on If Object Operation. It can possible? 



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I wrote script instead of keyword type.

In script:

if(ImageRepository.ImageSet1.pic1.Exists) {

    Log.Message("The picture object existed");

}else {

    Log.Message("The picture object doesn't exist");


Please refer to the example code. I hope it can help.


By the way,

I heard of you are from Republic of Korea.

I'm from China. We are close.😁

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Thanks your detailed answer. it's pretty helped.

Yeh, I live in Korea. So close to you ^^ 

You are so.. seems really good at Test Complete. 

How do you study about Test Complete?  


And thanks your recommend book 'TestComplete CookBook'. 

I looked up the Book's list. When I saw that book's list, I thought Smart Bear Support's Document. 

That book is so old and expensive. So I hesitate purchase that book. 

How different part of CookBook and Smart Bear Support Document ? 

Are there any the latest other books you would like to recommend?


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>How do you study about Test Complete?  

Like you, study by smart bear video, document, join into seminar and search keyword in community.

And look some old books. But there are few documents in local language(Chinese).

I had ever tried to learn it by navigating TestComplete's setting menu.

If I met an unknown function, I would search for it in the document.

But it need a lot of time to finish it. I would recommend learning during the use process.

When you encounter problem, search it in document or submit it to community.

We will try our best to answer it. 

Tips: I think the core part of TestComplete is NameMapping(Management all objects here).

If you want to use TestComplete better, you need to understand it clearly.


>How different part of CookBook and Smart Bear Support Document ? 

You can find the way to solve the common problems of testing in the cookbook(Best practices).

And you are able to find all the functions or methods about TestComplete in document(TestCompelte overall knowledge).


>Are there any the latest other books you would like to recommend?

I haven't found the latest other books yet. If I found one , I would tell you.

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