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I have an <empty> Object Tree after pulling a TC project from a git repository.

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I have an <empty> Object Tree after pulling a TC project from a git repository.

I'm relatively new to TC, but have used other UI automation tools


Scenario: Creating/Sharing TC scripts between two machines (A & B) via git repository


Machine A

- Newly created TC Project with ONE simple TC Keyword script

- Mapped objects, Images, and associated files with this ONE script

- Script successfully replayed on Machine A

- Checked TC project into a git repository via Git Gui

- All files on local repository matches master


Machine B

- Successfully pulls TC project from master repository

- Machine B's local repository matches the files on Machine A's local repository, which matches master

- Open the TC proj and ran the Simple TC script.

- AUT opens but keyword  Keyword script failed


With the AUT open on Machine B, I used the Object Spy tool and selected a known mapped button.  I selected Highlight in Object Tree and it could not find it.  I went directly to the Object Tree viewer and it is blank.


If everything I created on Machine A is in the git repository, and Machine B pulled everything from the repository, why is my Object Tree blank on Machine B?  What did I do wrong or did I miss a step in pushing my changes to git?


Your help on this matter is greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.


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So the problem that TestComplete won't recognize your application on Machine B, however it works on Machine A.
I bet you have some 'machine-specific' properties in NameMapping. Check top-level objects in NameMapping repository as well as their properties.

Thank you for that piece of information.  I've done Name Mapping at a lower level to handle dynamic GUIDs.  Let me take a stab at making the changes at a higher level.

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