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How to work with Keyword testing and scripting together


How to work with Keyword testing and scripting together

Hello Team,


Could somene advise on how does Keyword testing and scripting works together in Testcomplete?


This means, lets say we have a test case with 10 steps, and first 4 test steps i want to create using keyword tests and final 6 test steps I want to create scripts, then how to order them and put a sequence in Test Complete,.i.e keyword execution first and then script test execution. or vice versa etc.




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to bring all the Keyword tests and scripts together, you use the TestItems window on the project level by adding items from both keywords and scripts

Take a look at the screenshot below to see the combination between the two at the project level for execution


You can also call a Keyword test programmatically from a script like:


or call a script from a Keyword Test by using the Call Script operation like in the second screenshot below


Good luck


Great, thank you.


One quick question, hHOW TO ENABLE testitems window in testcomplete at Project Level,


Currently I am unable to see testitems  window at Project Level, 

Please share the path where I can enable this,




Double click the Project name in the Project Explorer, then you will see the workspace changing and you will be on the Test Items window.  You will the see the name at the bottom of the workspace on the left.




There are options. You saw above using test items in the project itself. What I do is I have one keyword test for each of my tests in my mind (or in my case in my test management software QAComplete). The keyword test is the tabular visualized test. And when I need to, I simply use the run script routine action as a step in the keyword test.

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