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How to use wait property?


How to use wait property?

Hi All,

I am using wait property in keyword test. 

Property name: VisibleOnScreen

Property value: True

wait: 60000(Created one variable and stored 60000 in it) for every test case i am using that variable for waiting.

Here the problem is object is not waiting upto 60 sec. It is wating upto auto wait time(10 sec)


Can anyone help am I missing any changes? How to slove this.


Thanks in advance.







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Can you share your code?

Understand, though, that there is an initial wait as well for object identification.  


If, for example, you're calling "WaitProperty" on Aliases.MyApp.MyForm.MyButton, the engine of TestComplete first needs to detect the object itself and will wait for MyButton to be available.  You can't call "WaitProperty" on an object that does not exist so it first needs to search out the object.  This is default and expected behavior.

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In addition to Robert's reply, please take a look at the following page explaining the ways you can use to wait for objects in TestComplete:

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Wait: waits for certain time which we mentioned in the value.
syntax: wait(millisec)
ex: wait(100) script wait for 100 milliseconds.
wait property(propertyname,status)
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