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How to use the MSAA method on Flex Object?

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How to use the MSAA method on Flex Object?


I have notice that the TestComplet use the MSAA mechanism to handle the Flex object.

My question is , how can I use the MSAA method of the flex object in TestComplete script

Like Flex Contorl in the attached picture , I want to select "Canada" , what should I do ?


Hello Carter,

To select the "Canada" item in the combo box, you need to perform the following actions:

1. Click the combo box by using the Click method to open the drop-down form. After that, TestComplete will be able to see objects located on the form.

2. Find the object that corresponds to the "Canada" item by using the Finder Tool.

3. Click the item by using the Click method.

Actually, the easiest way to create a script to select the needed item is to record the script by using TestComplete's Recording feature. See the "Recording in TestComplete - Overview" article for more information.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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