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How to use NativeWebObject method for the nested webtables

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How to use NativeWebObject method for the nested webtables

I am a newbee to this product, please forgive me if I am asking some basic questions.

Here is my query. I wan to avoid Name Mapping all together and user NativeWebObject method.

Below is the Full Name from the Object Finder tool.

Sys.Process("iexplore", 2).Page("xxxx").Panel("root_signedIn").Table(0).Cell(1, 0).Table(0).Cell(1, 0).Table("mainTable").Cell(2, 1).Panel("divContacts").Table("oTable").Cell(0, 0).Panel("iGrid").Table("buddyTbl").Cell(4, 0).Table(0).Cell(1, 2).Panel("contacts_1").Table("groupTbl_1").Cell(2, 1).TextNode("bhi0_presence_3")

I want to use NativeWebObject like this

var user = Page().NativeWebObject.Find("Name", "TextNode*bhi0_presence_1*", "SPAN");

For some reason this is not working and also taking long time to execute this line. Why is that?.



Hi Laxmikant,

First of all, please note that the method will use the native Name property, not TestComplete's Name property in this case. Also, please note that the method analyzes all items on the web page, and therefore, it may take long to obtain an item. I recommend that you use TestComplete's FindChild method instead (see the "FindChild Method" help topic ( ) for more information).

Best regards,

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