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How to start running a script from specific step in Script mode


How to start running a script from specific step in Script mode

Hi team,

As we know, for Testcomplete keyword tests, we can run from selected operation mode using option called as run from selected operation.


Similarly, Please provide steps on how to run a script from some Line x(lets say line 10) in Script mode.




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You'd have to comment out lines 1-9 in the code, just like in other code editors.  Run Selected Operation only works in keyword tests.

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Some languages have the ability to "Set Next Line" when you're in debug mode.  

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If you are using vbscript,

then keep the breakpoint in the first line of script and start the execution,

it will pause the execution at the line where you have kept the break point,

Now you keep your cursor at the specified line where you want the execution to start and now right click mouse and then select  "Set Next Line" and continue the execution.

Note : the above method is not supported with JavaScript.

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Hi @prabhjot88singh,


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