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How to save passwords?

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How to save passwords?


  I am new to Test complete
and need help on saving the passwords.

 During testing, We often need to enter a user name
and password to log into the application as different users. I am entering the
passwords when recording the test but when I am playing the test back, its not
automatically entering the password. It is just stuck on the log in page, the
username is there but its stuck on the password field. Is there any way I can
generate the password automatically. The password need not be the secure one,
haven’t got any security issues. We just use a generic password for all the
users during testing.

Thanks for the help in Advance.



Hello Mamatha,

Please describe the problem more specifically. What do you mean by saying that TestComplete "stuck on the password field"? Does TestComplete post an error to the test log? Please create a new TestComplete project, record a test with the problematic page and reproduce the problem, then pack the entire project suite folder along with the test logs and send it to Support.

Best regards,

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I am sailing on the same boat. I am working on a Desktop application and needs UserName and Password for login. 

Currently I am saving the test passowrd in password type variable but I am wondering how can I retrieve that variable value in my Keyword Test and test login via TestComplete. 


Thanks in advance.



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The password type variable contains decryption already.  So, all you need to do is call the "Keys" on screen action and pass the variable to it.


Or, if you're doing script code, simply use the variable in the parameter of the Keys method.


TestComplete will take care o fthe rest.

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Awesome. Thank you so much Robert.

Appreciate it.

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