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How to make Excel file as database using Python scripts?


How to make Excel file as database using Python scripts?

I have attached the VB script.txt which has code for making excel file  as database. But, we have a requirement that this should be written in Python. I'm very new to python programming. can anyone please help me the script?

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What exactly is difficult for you?

I can help, but I will not reorganize all your code.



- you are able to declare and assign variables simultaneously

- use while not instead of Do Until


Better to read documentation to learn, what Python's constructions are equal to your VBScript code, and then ask more specific question -

Google has a lot of references for "read excel in python"


This one looked useful to me, but you may see others that work better


You may want to start over from the beginning rather than trying to translate from one language to the other.  

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