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How to handle '↵↵' character in property checkpoint

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How to handle '↵↵' character in property checkpoint

 I am using Excel as the data source to compare the field text. I have copied the exact same data from the text field to Excel for comparison. Still, the property checkpoint is failing, as the actual result contains code '↵↵' to represent the next line, while the expected result text contains code '↴↴' for the same... I tried to replace the '↵↵' with '↴↴', but that also not helping.

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You could try using an alt-code to put the expected result into Excel and see if that helps. Excel has a habit of having extra hidden characters in a cell, especially with odd characters.


You could also try comparing the field text as a picture instead of as actual text.

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The only workaround I found was to use contains check (instead of equal) and split the text I'm checking for into multiple property checks so the '↵↵' are bypassed

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The default value for carriage return is \r and newline \n.


If your text contains a carriage return, then you can compare the string like so "SmartBear\r"


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Thank you, everyone. I have tried all your suggestions and wasn't able to have success. However, I have found another workaround using which I can assert the full text including paragraphs without running into any hidden characters issues.

I am saving the object text to a variable and then using the IF condition to assert it against the Excel value. When a match is found I am logging the checkpoints (log.Checkpoint()) else error (log.error()).

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