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How to handle UnexpectedWindow/Overlapping window using the script or General Events?


How to handle UnexpectedWindow/Overlapping window using the script or General Events?

Hi All,


My application throws popup for every 3-5 Min. Script can proceed further by clicking on Ok button in the popup.


But how to recognise this popup using testcomplete dynamically?


Ex: While running the script, In middle if any popup appears TestComplete is not triggering it as UnexpectedWindow/Overlapping window. So that the webpage objects are going to "VisibleOnScreen=False" due to this popup. If objects are in Invisible state, we can't proceed further.


Please find the screen shot of the unwanted popup in the application and also Let me know if your require any other details in this regard.










May be you will find something useful in this topic >>

Hi Baxatob,


Thanks for solution, but my scenario is when ever Ingestion is in process, the modal dialog occurs., So we are not sure when that dialog occurs during 500 testcases run, and we cant write CallObjectMethodAsync in every test case.


Hope this wont work as expected, So can you suggest the another solution.


Thanks, BommaReddy

What happens if this window is opened? Does your test fail and throw some kind of error message? If so, you can try to handle your case using OnLogError event. You can check this window existence each time, when TC posts an error message to the log. 

Hi All,


As a workaround, I got the better solution to handle Windowless popup(Model Based popup) 


By using Timer Object we can overcome this problem. Write the following code in event handlers.



Sub OnStartTest(Sender)
  Dim MyTimer
  Set MyTimer = Utils.Timers.Add(8000, "unit1.TimerRoutine", True)
  MyTimer.Name = "ModelPopUp"
  Log.Message "Timer ON"
End Sub


Sub OnStopTest(Sender)
  Utils.Timers.Items("ModelPopUp").Enabled = False
  Log.Message "Timer OFF"
End Sub


Function TimerRoutine
  'write the code to check whether popup exists or Not
  If popup=True Then
     'close popup (or) Click
  End If
End Function

Before script starts, the controller will go to OnStartTest and activate Timer Object. Once Timer triggers, TestComplete pauses the test to run the timer’s routine. The test is resumed after the timer routine has finished running.


So for every 8sec, i am checking whether Windowless popup(Model Based popup) exists or not. For more details on Timer object click here





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What's 'unit1' here. I don't understand. Talking in Javascrip context, I was testing this and instead of unitname.timeRoutine, I'm using just the routine name and I get this error.

MyTimer = Utils.Timers.Add(10000, "StartUp.timeRoutine", true);


do you know why that would happen? 


Unable to find the timer procedure "timeRoutine".


Thank you


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This thread is almost three years old and so a lot of context might have been lost.  It is entirely possible that the error that you're experience is unrelated.

Please post your question in a separate thread as this one has been marked resolved.

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sounds great! Thank you

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@Al2 :



> Set MyTimer = Utils.Timers.Add(8000, "unit1.TimerRoutine", True)
> What's 'unit1' here.

Does it help?


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