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How to get the font color of a JTree item using Javascript


How to get the font color of a JTree item using Javascript


I am able to get the individual items in a JTree, but only the Text method (and a few others).  It appears however, there are no properties/methods to get the font color, and there are no native methods to access either.  Do you know how I could do this?  Thx.


Hi jmoe.

One option is to take a picture of the JTree Item and compare it to a static image.  I assume that the JTree Item has a picture function. If not the parent window might have the function. If that isn’t the case you could position the window in a specific location and take a picture of the screen.


You could also try taking a picture and compare the pixel(s) color.  I am not sure what language you are programming in, but below is an example that will take a picture and compare the first pixel to a desired constant color. I have not tried any of this code, but it should give you some direction.  I hope this helps.


    function comparePixel()


      // take a picture at the specified location with a width and height of 1

      var pic = jTreeItem.Picture(desiredLeftPosition, desiredTopPosition, 1, 1);

      // compare to the desired color 

      if (pic.Pixels(0,0) == clMenuText) // color values can be found here:


        // whatever you need to do....




A more detailed explanation for others...


    function comparePixel()


      var parentControl = Aliases.Product; // the parent control could be a window if searching for a control like a textbox

      // use the correct property names for your window or control

      var propNames = new Array(propName1, propName2);

      // use the correct property values for your window or control

      var propValues = new Array(propValue1, propValue2);

      // specify a search depth.

      var depth = 100;

      // find the window/control from the parent

      var control = parentControl.FindChild(propNames, propValues, depth);

      // made up number use your distance to the desired left position

      var x = 10;

      // made up number use your distance to the desired top position

      var y = 10;

      // 1, 1 is the width and height of the image

      var pic = control.Picture(x, y, 1, 1); 

      // use this to get the constant color value if you don't know what that value is...otherwise it can be commented out...

      var color = pic.Pixels(0,0); 

      // color values can be found here:

      // if it is a custom color you can see an example function at the above link that will allow R,G,B comparison

      // specify the color you want to compare

      if (pic.Pixels(0,0) == clRed)


        // whatever you need to do....




Thanks for the idea chriscc. I like that out of the box thinking!

A  couple of things to help get the correct locations for the pixel(s)...


You can log the picture, so it shows in the TestComplete messages.  More of a Trial and Error approach, but you can change the rectangle values of the pic until you get the desired location.


var pic = window.Picture(left, top, width, height);


Log.Picture(pic "Picture of window");


Another option, if you have something like MSPaint or maybe GIMP, you can get the pixels using their tools.  For example, in MSPaint paste a screenshot of the window or control and use the Selection tool to find the left, top values to your pixel…like this:



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Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with the community, Chris!


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