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How to get the execution time for loading the report in Load testing.

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How to get the execution time for loading the report in Load testing.

I am creating a load test which will login into the system and view the report.

I want to insert the logic to capture the execution time it took to load the pdf report in http load test like i did in keyword test using timer object.

Please tell me if that is posiible to do in Load test, B'se i don't see any steps to include the logic here. so let me know how i can acheive this.

In keyword testing for another script i created a script routine to capture the execution time to run in between the keyword steps.

How can i do this in load testing

Please suggest.
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Hi Sri,

It is hard to say anything definite without seeing and any knowledge about your particulair application. The best bet may be to have a talk with developers and ask them to describe you how the tested application works.

Meanwhile I can stay with my previous explanation:

-- The browser sends request for the ReportViewer.aspx page;

-- Server processes the request and returns html page (with embedded java-script code and data (i.e. raw bytes sequence for the report)) within 9 seconds time interval;

-- Client (i.e. the browser) receives server's response (that takes mentioned 9 seconds) and from this moment no http requests are send over the network, so there is nothing for TestComplete to record;

-- Client processes java-script code within the page. The code can be quite complex and require some time to be executed;

-- Also the  code may instantiate an instance of Acrobat ActiveX control within the page. Control's instantiation and initialization also takes some time;

-- Acrobat control processes report's data - one more time penalty;

-- Only now all page processing is over and end-user can see the page as loaded with the report opened. The time required to execute the page code, instantiate Acrobat control and generate report can easily be up to 30-40 seconds.
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Hi Alex,

I observed something.

First of all the requests under connections are not placed in the order how i recorded the test as i was thinking.I did that same test manually and i got the time of execution for displaying the blank page report around 42 seconds and to render the data on the report around 9 sec's.

in my scenari it displays blank page first and then the page with data on report.

So i was looking at connections and saw that the connection previous to one that has report viewer request was showing the time of 42. ..... sec's. So i went back to that connections and saw the request it is giving the max response time  for under that connection and saw that it is the page with all the parameters i pass before i click on export or view report button.So i am assuming that this is request of page i clicked on view report button and is taking 42..... sec's which is closer to open blank page of report manually.

The folowing connection request for report viewer shows 9.... sec's which is closer to show data on the balnk report manually.

So this is what i am guessing to capture the time it took to display blank report page and with data on the report

Do you think what i am doing is right. Please let me know.

Thank you.

Hi Sri,

Most probably, the difference is caused by an ActiveX object which displays the report in your browser. TestComplete is not a web browser, and it does not execute client side scripts. As a result, the object is not created, and the time of the load test is less than the time of manual operations.

Best regards,

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