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How to get object reference to the same objects with different text

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How to get object reference to the same objects with different text

I write tests for oracle forms, where there are many cells with the same javaclass, but different text. 

Is there usful a way to record in testmap only one cell and find it by text  parameter?


I know only 2 ways:

by script, this is not useful because I needed or write script for each form or pass as a parameter each form

by project variables, this is not useful because I needed to past variable value before each call to the object


Also becouse of there many cells and forms I have create too much variables and script.


for example, I have cell with follow properties:

AWTComponentAccessibleName = date an time

AWTComponentIndex = 7

JavaFullClassName = oracle.forms.ui.VTextField

wText = 01.01.2017 00:00:00


I want refer to cell by follow properties: JavaFullClassName and wText  and pass wText  as parameter/


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You can map one object using variable to define its wText property:




Now to call the appropriate cell you just need to assign the proper value to wText variable before call.


 ...or use the Find method:


def get_cell(wText):
    return Aliases.yourApp.Find( ["JavaFullClassName", "wText"], 
["oracle.forms.ui.VTextField", wText], 100 )



now I use both: and scripts and project variable in testmap

I was hoping there is a more elegant solution

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