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How to fetch the value from excel .


How to fetch the value from excel .

Scenario : 


I have read an array [1138,1139,1140] and now for 1138 i have to do the actions(assume login)


I have given the necessary steps to do it. So if it fetches 'Ctrl_ID' then it should pass 'button'


So from excel how to fetch those repeated 

buttonokbuttonclick PasswordTextboxSendkeyspass123


 continues till Ctrl_ID is NULL.


Condition is to use "TUPLES" and do the same.




You mean that there is no solution for the fashion it is written in excel??(Testcomplete with python)

Thank you @shankar_r 


Will do as per your suggestion!! 

I am not sure. Anyway the solution will be much more complex and fragile than alternate way. 

Yes , i agree @baxatob 


If you could find 1 please let me know. 


I would like to know about it.. 


Thanks in advance!! 

How to split an array ?


Array=[ctrl_id, data, action, keys]


This should be done using testcomplete with python. 

Array = [ctrl_id, data, action, keys]

Array[0] == ctrl_id
Array[1] == data
Array[2] == action
Array[3] == keys

So you can use: Log.Message(Array[0])
or more tricky: [Log.Message(value) for value in Array]


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