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How to customize Test items via script


How to customize Test items via script


Hello Everyone,


I have a question regarding log items. Actually, I would like to customize the Test items like a tree structure via script (but not like to add test items in GUI add perform test).


And I would like to also generate Log results like tree structure (hierarchy) is it possible to do it with Test Complete ? 


Did any one have suggestion regarding this please let me know that will be a great help to me 


Thank you 





- generating Test items via script (and then execute them)?

- do this in a nice hierarchical manner?

That's what could easily be done with the deprecated ODT feature (and that's why I appreciate it).

It came with a hierarchical test control tree which could be dynamically changed by adding/removing branches and leaves or activate/deactivate them, respectively.

The log tree very nicely correlated with the test control tree.


Regards, Manfred

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