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How to compare object (e.g text box, label) value with excel sheet cell value?

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How to compare object (e.g text box, label) value with excel sheet cell value?

Hi Tea,


I have one text box in Qlikview report which shows sum of Yearly Budget. I have separate excel sheet which also one of the data source for my report. I want to configure the test case in testcomplete which will - 

 Open my report link

 Search for the text object and get the value

 Locate the excel sheet and take sum of Budget column

 Compare it with with text box value

  If matches the mark test as passed otherwise failed


Thank you in advance

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Thats a pretty high level question!


It pretty much reads as .... "Please write my test for me"!


How far have you got? Are you familiar with testcomplete? Are you scripting or keyword?


I can't see you getting much useful information with such a high level request. Best I can do for you just now is point you towards the support pages for working with Excel:


As for your application .... you haven't provided nearly enough information to get anything useful back ....

Thanks for your reply


Yes , I know that this is weird question. sorry about this. I am novice user of test complete


I am not asking for complete code but just need guideline


So my requirement is -


I am trying to implement the test case for my Qlikview report (If you know Qlikview) It’s a report/dashboard which we can open from browser (e.g. Schools Navigator.qvw&host=demo11)


The report has one table which has value in tabular format. I want to compare this table data with excel sheet (excel sheet has exact columns and rows) using testcomplete


Now I have tried  -

  • keyword testing and added the data Object point but I don’t know how to loop though the excel sheet and web table data to compare the values
  • Script test and added EXCEL DDT driver but it’s not recognize the table data (giving data in one stream in single string object)


Could you please assist?

Suspect I'm not going to be much use to you here.


Qlikview reports are not a control I'm familiar with.


I use Excel via COM (see previous link I posted) and have done for years. Used it that way in QTPro and use it in a very similar way with TC. I'd say read up on the Excel handling in the previous link and see if you can at least get it to return you the data in the format you want. I also do everything with 100% script. Not familiart with the KeyWord side of TC.


No idea about extracing info from Qlikview report as I'm not familiar with it's structure.


Hopefully someone else on here knows them ....

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