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How to check the pop-up window X button check in GUI


How to check the pop-up window X button check in GUI

Hello every one,


I would like to do the GUI test for Window application. Actually I am trying to test the window pop- up item.  There I am checking the yes / no  and x buttons . After the Toolbarclick item Window is pop-uped and click on the cancel button. It executed successfully but for an error I try to used an if else condition .

where in my if condition I stated that the checking pop up window not exist log. checkpoint else log.error.

every times it states that VCLObject("UserChangePassword") is not found.(The operation was succesfull but it gives me this error)

here is the routine which gives the error

toolbar.ClickItem("Mainmenue|Datei|Kennwort ändern")
if not Aliases.OmegaClient2.VCLObject("UserChangePassword").Exists:
Log.CheckPoint("Kennwort ändern Abbrechen button .i.o.")
Log.Error("Kennwort ändern Abbrechen button .n.i.o.")


please anyone help me regarding this issue ? or Is there any other approaches please help me?


Thanks and Regards

SivaKatheek Sreerm



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Hi SivaKatheek,


> Aliases.OmegaClient2.VCLObject("UserChangePassword").Exists

When you use the fully qualified object name in your test code, TestComplete assumes that you need this object for subsequent actions and thus reports an error if the object cannot be found.

If the object may not exists, then you need to try to find it and proceed according to the search result.

.WaitXXX() method must be used to tell TestComplete to try to search for the object and not report an error if the object is not found.



must be changed to

Aliases.OmegaClient2.WaitVCLObject("UserChangePassword", 500).Exists


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Dear AlexKaras, 


Thank you very much for the info. Now, it works fine


Thanks again


SivaKartheek Sreeram

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