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How to add java classes to read pdf for test execute?


How to add java classes to read pdf for test execute?


I was able to add java classes and read the pdf files through test complete but now I want to run my scripts through jenkins using test execute. My question is how do we add tha same java classes for test execute? or is there a way to do it through code?


Sadly, no. Since without adding the java classes it fails. 

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Sadly, if you don't give us details about  what you've already tried and what happened as a result, you get to sit through us guessing what the problem might be.  It saves time all around if you explain everything first.  



If i only add the jvm path for test execute and not add the classes like I did for testcomplete I am unable to use the functions like 


I also tried this solution Sys.Process("MyJavaApp").JavaRuntime.JavaClasses.

package.class.subclass.method(parametersBut was unable to use the functions like before. 


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The JVM is part of the environment configuration on TestExecute.  However, the link to the classes are stored in the project MDS file, assuming that the JAR files are in the same directory pathing on the TestExecute workstation.

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Hi @Reshail,


Do the suggestion given here help you resolve the issue? Otherwise, please let us know what is happening when you start the project in TestExecute. If you get some errors, please post their text here.

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