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How to access button menu in qt 6.4.1 version?

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How to access button menu in qt 6.4.1 version?



I am working on automation project. I have to access button menu in qt 6.4.1. In earlier qt version tool button used to be present under toolbar parent where we used SetpopupMode(2) method to get tool button menu displayed when click action was performed on tool button. In qt 6.4.1 instead of tool button type, button element is present under toolbar which do not support SetpopupMode(2) method. So i am not able to get menu displayed on screen to click on different menu option.




In above toolbar screenshot, it's possible to map individual button and menu option but we have to use coordinate methods to click on the arrow icon present infront of find button to get menu displayed on screen. 


Button is present under toolbar as shown in object browser screenshot below,


Supported methods by button in my case,




Could you please help me in resolving this issue?

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Have you tried Keyword Test to record your actions? If you convert the keyword test to script, you will be able to see the coding and name mapping which TC has recognised.


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