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How to Terminate Two or more instance of Application

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How to Terminate Two or more instance of Application


I have teste my wpf application using testcomplete. if already two instance of application are opened means how to i terminate that all application and i need to continue sequence of other cases to be run..


Note: i already tried TestedApps.<<app>>.Terminate();(when 2 instance of tested application are in open) but it vain.



Kindly advise me.

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If your application process name in Windows is myApp, then try the following:


function closeApplicationInstances(){
    var currentProcess = Sys.WaitProcess('myApp', 2000);
    while (currentProcess.Exists){
        currentProcess = Sys.WaitProcess('myApp', 2000);

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I wouldn't bother checking for 2 instances.  At the top of your code, before you start the actual test, use @tristaanogre's code and close everything, then open your one instance for testing.  

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