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How to Find the value in a specified object

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How to Find the value in a specified object



I m unable to get the value that has been available in a specified field, it is a numerical value which is present during the run time.

Is there any ways to find the return type of an object or variable.

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I'm not sure I understand the question.  You're having problems finding the value of a property of an object (probably wText or something like that, I'm assuming), is that correct?  If you're having problems finding that value, how will returning the object type help?


Can you share your code?  What error messages are you experiencing? What script language are you using?

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else if(ProjectSuite.Variables.Type == "checkpoint1")


var value1= aqObject.GetPropertyValue(Sys.Browser(ProjectSuite.Variables.browser).


var value5 = aqConvert.StrToInt(value1);



else if(ProjectSuite.Variables.Type == "checkpoint2")


var value2 = aqObject.GetPropertyValue(Sys.Browser(ProjectSuite.Variables.browser).


var value6 = aqConvert.StrToInt(value2);


var vaule3 = value5 * value6;



else if(ProjectSuite.Variables.Type == "checkpoint")

{ aqObject.CheckProperty(Sys.Browser(ProjectSuite.Variables.browser).Page(ProjectSuite.Variables.Page).document.frames.Frame("ilboinnerframe").document.all.Item(ProjectSuite.Variables.Item),"innerText", cmpEqual,vaule3);

Message.Message(); // calling the message function





In the above code, The var value3 return only Nan(not a Number) value after the multiplication is done and I m unable to get the actual output value in var value3 so, I can't proceed with property checkpoint line.



> if(ProjectSuite.Variables.Type == "checkpoint1")

.Type does not seem to be a property of the Variables object. Where did you get this line of code from?


> aqObject.GetPropertyValue(Sys.Browser [...]

Any real need for this complexity?

Why not to use just

Sys.Browser(ProjectSuite.Variables.browser).Page(ProjectSuite.Variables.Page).document.frames.Frame("ilboinnerframe").document.all.Item(ProjectSuite.Variables.Item).innerText ?


Also note, that you are using .document property of Page object which means that you are working with native DOM. This means that, for example, innerText property may not exist for some browser:


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If your requirement is to retrieve the innerhtml value
Instead of using
Please find the object and then retrieve the property of that object by giving .property_name( Sys.Browser(ProjectSuite.Variables.browser).page(ProjectSuite.Variables.Page).document.frames.Frame("ilboinnerframe").document.all.Item(ProjectSuite.Variables.Item).innerTex)

And after receiving the value of the required object just compare with ur value using one condition
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Thanks for the help, AlexKaras, K_Sathish_Kumar, tristaanogre!


@Arunachalam, do the suggestions given here help you resolve the issue?





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