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How to Execute a Stored Procedure from within a Test.

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How to Execute a Stored Procedure from within a Test.

I am wondering how to execute a stored procedure from within a test script.

Is it as simple as puting a line in the test script like this:

    DDT.ADODriver.(<connection string>, <sql syntax to execute the stored procedure>);
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Thanks Steve, that was helpful.  I did notice that the code was slightly different than what was given in an earlier post.

(Steve if you could give reasons for using ADOCommand vs ADOCreateStoredProcedure objects?)

One of the things that was suggested was to put in a 'wait' for the process to complete.

My question is will the test continue once the procedure is finished or wait the full 'wait time' before continuing.


If the procedure takes 2 min run, and I have set the wait time to 5 min,

    a) Will the test continue after 2 min, when the procedure completes?

    b) Will the test wait the ful 5 min before continuing?

I would like the test to continue once the procedure completes.  There is no return values from the procedure to validate against.
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