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How to Customize the automatic description of the actions?


How to Customize the automatic description of the actions?

For example when I click in a button, the generated description is:
- Clicks at point (33, 23) of the 'btnNovo' object.
I wish it was:
- Click the "btnNovo" button. (or an other template, that I will make)


It is to reuse the description in the automatic generation of an user's manual.



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The message you described is the description that goes along with "Events" in the test log. Events such as "Click" or "Keys" or other such things coded specifically to log that information as you described it as a debug description of what is happening. Events can fill up a test log with a lot of stuff which is why I usually start my automation out with a Log.LockEvents() call to shut down the event logging. 


I would actually recommend that for you. Then, for those actions that you want to output for your user manual, you can write your own "Log.Message" calls in order to give the custom text you want. 

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