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How to Convert String to Date, Add some Days to it and convert back to String


How to Convert String to Date, Add some Days to it and convert back to String

Hello Users,


I have one query here and stuck in one of the places:


I have DATE column with value as 10-JAN-2020,(i.e. Date-Month-Year) format.I have already stored this value in a variable


I need to convert this STRING to Date FORMAT ,

ADD 5 Calendar Days to it and

convert back this Date to String and Print the NEW OBTAINED DATE.


i.E. as per screenshot, below are the steps needed :

Step 1 : Already completed from my side. FETCHED PAYPERIOD ENDDATE Column Value .i.e. 10-JAN-2020, and stored it in a variable name as X.

Step 2 : Convert this String variable obtained in Step 1 to DATE FORMAT format.

Step 3 : Add 5 CALENDAR days to this date, i.e. (10-JAN-2020)+ 5 DAYS = 15-JAN-2020

Print this value : 15-JAN-2020 in the console bar.


Can someone please share the logic for this code.




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Your going to use a combination of aqConvert, aqDateTime, and aqString methods to do what you want.  Here's what I did in JavaScript


function convertString(dateString, daysToAdd){
    var varDateTime;
    varDateTime = aqConvert.StrToDateTime(dateString);
    varDateTime = aqDateTime.AddDays(varDateTime, daysToAdd);
    return aqString.ToUpper(aqConvert.DateTimeToFormatStr(varDateTime, '%d-%b-%Y'));

function test(){
    Log.Message(convertString('31-JUL-2019', 5))

run the Test function and I get 05-AUG-2019 in my log.



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