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How to Click a label / Link Label using VB Script

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How to Click a label / Link Label using VB Script

I've TestComplete scripts in vb for my AUT. In one of the page, there is a

label(with label name = ABCD)and linkLabel(with linkLabel name = PQRS).

Here i need to click the label and then linkLabel for other actions.

Is it possible to make TestComplete click both label and linkLabel based only on its Fullname (ie, ABCD / PQRS)?

It'd be really helpful if someone can come up with a vb script for this -

ie, label and linkLabel click based on its name. Appreciate your help in advance.

Hi Vengatesh,

Please see our answer in the following SQAforums thread:

Also, in the future, please do not send us duplicated requests (note that we reply to messages sent via the Contact Support form, AutomatedQA newsgroups, AutomatedQA forums and the TestComplete section of the SQAforums site). This makes processing your requests much more difficult for us and does not increase the requests priority anyway.

Best regards,

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