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How do I ignore a piece of data in a feature cucumber file?

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How do I ignore a piece of data in a feature cucumber file?

English: How do I ignore a piece of data in a feature cucumber file?

Russian: Как в feature файле cucumber сделать игнорирование части данных?



English:  I want the test to work positively. The text "ignoring_String" must be ignored.

Russian: Я хочу, чтобы тест отработал положительно. Текст «ignoring_String» должен быть игнорирован.


Feature file:


        When compare text with reference

            |Stream launched 2019-10-2315:40 by admin|

            |Stream launched ignoring_String by admin|


java class:


import java.util.List;

import static org.junit.Assert.assertTrue;


public class MyTestStepdefs {

    @When("compare text with reference")

    public void compareTextWithReference(io.cucumber.datatable.DataTable dataTable) {

        List<List<String>> rows = dataTable.asLists(String.class);

        String text = "Stream launched 2019-10-2315:40 by admin";






Added a link to the repository -

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Is this being executed in TestComplete?  

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Hi @Vitaliu2000, did you figure out the solution?

If not, let's keep working on it here. Please provide more details about your case starting with what tristaanogre is asking - are you executing this in TestComplete? This will help get the investigation going, thank you!

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Hello @sonya_m  and @tristaanogre and maybe someone who knows the solution 🙂 

I added the project to github at, to show the essence of the problem in more detail.

True, I found an alternative solution, but I'm not sure if this is the best option -


Once again, I will outline the problem.

On the line you need to check that there would be a positive check result.


Run test:





I skimmed through the project in github and saw nothing related to TestComplete. Thus I assume that your question is not TestComplete-specific and you are just looking for Cucumber-specific one. Am I correct?

Also, all comments in github are in Russian which means an extermely low chances to get assistance from other but Russian-speaking part of this and github community.


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Hello @AlexKaras !

Yes you are right. My question does not apply to TestComplete. It turns out that I incorrectly chose the resource where I wrote the question. Ready to delete the question, so as not to violate the policy of posting questions. I apologize! Yes, I'm from Russia and looking for an answer on foreign resources)) it seems like it's normal practice))

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@Vitaliu2000 we don't yet have a dedicated Cucumber Community, but you can always address your question to the Cucumber Slack channel. Details here.

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