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How can I pass over the chrome "restore page" popup?


How can I pass over the chrome "restore page" popup?

I am doing web tests with Chrome. opening a page, entering some data, checking some "data appearance", .. and close the browser at the end.

Sometimes the browser crashes and then the test stops and because of the chrome "restore popup" the test cannot navigate to the web page and fails.
I do not know why the browser crashes ( i did not found out jet), but nevertheless is there a possibility to "go over/ignore the chrome-popup so the test could go on?

Any ideas what i can do?

The appearing popup looks like



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I would say you definitely need to determine why it is crashing.

The restore popup is, to me, ignored by TestComplete when I run my scripts when it appears and will eventually go away.

Does the popup prevent you from selecting a UI element ?


If your were to implement a check for it, that be a 50/50 chance to affect you script when running 

because it is either going to be present or not found which you will have to handle that situation and the script not creating an error for not finding the popup.

Again, try to determine why the browser crash which may be something that your developers can address so this does not happen anymore and provides you a more stable Chrome browser environment to test against.


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