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How can I check an event like the start run execution(first test started) and the end ?


How can I check an event like the start run execution(first test started) and the end ?


in my organize test i have some utility scripts , i want to exclude these script from the final log and to do this i thought i'd run them after checking the start run execution event .

I have the same problem for the end run execution, how can i check these events?




After the run execution I do some statistic operations(tests passed,tests errors..) , if I don' remove utility scripts from the log these operations also include these tests .

Is there anyway to remove the nodes of the utility scripts from the logs?

I want to exclude utility script from logs because after the run execution I do some statistics operations like tests passed,tests errors ... If these tests are logged these operations include also these tests(utility scripts).

Do you know anyway to remove utility scripts nodes from the log?




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Anything that is a Test Item in a project will show up as a node.  Your best best is to incorporate your utility code somehow into your tests or, if they are build up andtear down kinds of things, perhaps make a completely different project and add it to the project suite to execute before your main project and another project for tear down to execute after the main project.  Then your log for your main project will be pristine.

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Good idea! Now i try to shift utility code in another project!


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