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How To Videos? for scripting in TestComplete

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How To Videos? for scripting in TestComplete

Are there any videos or documentation on how to set up "Scripting" in Testcomplete? I've emailed Smartbear tech. support several times and no reply so was reaching out here. I use keyword testing and have tried the "Convert to script" feature but it's not really understandable code. I would like to try to use javascript or python and create a framework for testing web functionality. 
1. How can I set up a framework / project?

2. Where do I enter my code for web testing?

3. Where do I enter the locators for the links that I'm trying to "click", "set text", "clickbutton", etc?

Any guidance would be appreciated.

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

@Shirin  feel free to send me a private message with the details here in the Community.


For this, just click on my nickname (this will open my profile page) and the 'Send me a message' button will be in the top-right corner.


Sonya Mihaljova
Community and Education Specialist

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