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How To Find Dynamically Created Table

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How To Find Dynamically Created Table

I have found that I can click on a link in a web page I am testing by running the following JScript:


The problem I am running into is that tableMsId% is named dynamically when the web application is run. For example, it was called tableMsId4 when I created the script. But it could be tableMsId7 next time I open this web application and attempt to run the script. Does anyone have any thoughts what I can do to always be able to find this table?


Hi Jon,

Once the tableMsId4 mapped object is created, open the Name Mapping editor and manually replace the variable part of the value for the idStr and ObjectIdentifier identification properties with the * character. After these modifications, you can use the tableMsId4 mapped object in your script in spite of the dynamic table name value.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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