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How I can iterate each Function in one testcase.(rather than keyword View

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How I can iterate each Function in one testcase.(rather than keyword View

My project has dropdowncheck boxes.When I click each check box ,they have their own functionality.I try to  create  functionality for each check box and try to make one testcase with checkboxes.How I put iteration like one checkbox is select and do its functionality and after that second will click and do its functionality.

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Because each checkbox has it's own functionality, there's not really much that you would need to do special. If there were common functionality for different check boxes, you could probably do a for loop to loop through the checkboxes and then a switch/case statement within the loop to determine which functionality to execute.


But, with each one having it's own, that wouldn't save you much code.  I would just write the test sequentially for each checkbox.

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