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Having trouble with objects do not exist error


Having trouble with objects do not exist error

I am getting the objexts do not exist error when I am trying to do testing on a pop up window on my web page.  It has worked once or twice, then I refreshed the page and that was it.  


When I run the script, the errors appear, but when I go through all the elements, they are appearing as mapped as expected with the Aliases I am using the reference them in the code.  I am getting really frustrated.  Any ideas?  




Which object does it fail to identify? The checkbox itself or the menu container it lives in?


Are you able to verify the checkboxes? (Is the right click menu one that vanishes as soon as focus moved off the page ... if it is, the Point + Fix method should get it)

@colin_mccrae - Yea, I find weird things all the time - lol.  It's why I've stuck with testing for so long!  When I look at the error, it says that it can't find the direct parent of the checkbox.  


The menu disappears as soon as the mouse is moved.  


When I use the object spy, the checkbox shows the mapped name correctly.  


I need to try this again, but our data system is down and the page isn't rendering correctly without the data.

Well, I was able to get back onto the webpage.  I checked the Object Spy and it was mapped.  I was able to highlight the checkbox from the name mapping tree (leaving the pointer where it was and using the keyboard to navigate).


It still wouldn't run in the main script.  I have a line of code that was basically for refreshing the page



I decided to try to run the script without it, but still calling the broken function.  IT WORKED!  I don't know why that line was messing things up, but it was.  I replaced it with:



And the whole thing worked!


WT....?  Why would that cause things not to work?  I even use   Browsers.Item(btChrome).Navigate("http://mywebsite"); in the middle of the broken code to refresh the page (I couldn't find an acceptable refresh option)??

They should both end up in the same place so god only knows!


For refreshing, the browser should give you it as a method:


Or failing that, use the Keys method on the page to send it an [F5]. I've used both without any bother.

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