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Handle chrome javascript alerts


Handle chrome javascript alerts

Hello, does anyone know how to detect and close these alerts that might appear in Chrome when leaving from a website with unsaved changes. Example:



I am using Javascript as my scripting language for TestComplete.





It may be identified as a desktop process instead of a web. I wonder if enabling MSAA would help here: (check the top asterisk, and restart the tested application) 

If this is identified as a desktop process, it would require a desktop module as well. 

hello @mattb, I checked it and the MSAA options were already enabled in my settings.

It is quite frustrating that TestComplete can't deal with such a simple thing as alert pop ups, and completely block my tests.

I appreciate your suggestions anyway.

Topic closed as unresolved.

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In this case I would ask Support directly via the form and reference this thread.


BTW, what are versions of TestComplete and Chrome?


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