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HTTP Load Test Results Interpretation

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HTTP Load Test Results Interpretation

Dear AutomatedQA Experts,

We are currently performing a HTTP load test for one of the login page in our application that consists of 50 users. in addition, they are being executed simultaenously. Just to load the page on a manual basis, it takes around 2 seconds at most. from the request 1 at our connection tab, the data being tabulated in instates 90 over seconds for the first request, but subsequentsly drops all the way down to less than a second time it takes for it to log off.


According to your forum website, they noted that these results obtained from test complete needs to be divided by the number of users which averages the time undertaken (90 / 50 in this case, 1.8 seconds). It seems acceptable, but if we were to look at the connections settings...


Request 0001 (UserLogin.aspx)

Request 0002 (MainPage.aspx)

Request 0003 (UserLogout.aspx)

Request 0004 (UserLogin.aspx)


For the 1st connection it takes around 90 over seconds, subsequent to that, the rest takes only around less than a second. The browser that was utilized in the HTTP load test would be Avant (running on an IE engine). Based on the requests as above, the average response time taken for request 0002 is about 0.076 secs (which is the actual login logic), if its divided by a total of 10 users, it will tally up to an amount of 0.007seconds in total. On the other hand, if its conducted manually, a 2 seconds (via a stop watch) time frame is being captured.

So my predicament here is, how can I diagnose these obtained results ?

UserLogin.aspx - access to Login UI only

MainPage.aspx - Actual login logic

UserLogout.aspx - Logout Logic

UserLogin.aspx - Login UI after logout


Steven Hum

Hi Steven,

Please see our reply in the following AutomatedQA forums thread:

Best regards,

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