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Greyed-out objects in Object Browser


Greyed-out objects in Object Browser

Does anyone know the reason for this?



The web page is fully loaded but these controls only seem to be populated much later on and it's causing playback problems.


It should be mentioned that Panel(4) is visible-on-screen but  TextNode(0) is not, but it's childeren are!


I have tried changing the "Search for visible objects first" option and neither checked or unchecked makes any difference.


Will using "RefreshMappingInfo" at the start of testing help?

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Objects that are "greyed out" have the Visible property set to false.  So, they are present in memory, but not visible.  The option "search for visible objects first" does not apply to viewing within the object browser but only with regards to runtime object identification.


What playback errors are you getting?  You may need to add additional logic to detect if an object is Visible before attempting to interact with it.

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Thanks for your quick response.  


You are right TextNode(0) did the visibility set false and the children not resident in memory at run time.


Clicking TextNode(0) which is actually a toolbar, caused the children to be created and picked up by FindChildEx.  In script debug mode I could see the wait expire once I clicked it's parent.


I discussed it with our dev team and they say it's the way the underlying web app architecture works (REACT).


To work around it we'll click the parent object.  No delay is needed.

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