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Get tags programmatically

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Get tags programmatically

Is there a way to extract all used tags from a project from outside the test complete application?

I want to build a stand alone application that a user can checkbox desired tags to run and will build the command line execution.

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By tags do you mean test item ?

Not sure of what your are talking about.

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Tags added to keyword tests

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Tags are embedded in script code and are tagged into the XML of a keyword test.  So, you'd have to parse the text of both files to find tags, probably via some sort of Regular Expression, and extract them that way.

Personally... that seems a bit of a harder work than necessary.  How about, instead of that, have the developers who add the tags, as a part of their development, insert a record into a data table that this other application that you're writing/working with can read to display available tags?

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