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Get Unit name in script

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Get Unit name in script

Does anyone know the solution to this problem?


How do I get the name of the file you were running the script from?
Having this name as the data to be used in the current script.

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Actually, solution for JScript (and, hopefully, JavaScript) is provided in the thread that you referenced.

For VBScript and DelphiScript this is not possible.

Don't know for Python.


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Hi @Wamboo,

For JavaScript you can use this code:

function Afunction()
  var theName = arguments.callee.toString().match(/function (\w*)/)[1];


Tanya Yatskovskaya
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Thank you for your answers. 


@TanyaYatskovska  this code refers to the name of the running function and not to the name of the file in which the function is stored.


I found a solution how to find the name of the file from which the function is run.



function retrievedNameRelatedUnit() {
     let testItemNameFull = Project.TestItems.Current.ElementToBeRun.Caption;
     var formatTestItemNameFull = testItemNameFull.split(/\Name-Full.split(/\Name-- /));
     return formatTestItemNameFull[1];


there is an array with the file name in the variable.


You can use the file name (Unitu) to dynamically run the file by e.g. aqObject Object


TY for all your help!


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